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The names Luke. I'm 19, work as a manger in a warehouse, I like partyin, fighting, drinking, playing bass guitar, and just having fun. My friends and family are very important to me, so mess with them, and your dead. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I'm owning up to every one of them. One at a time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Drag Race and Soc Trouble

After I collapsed on Bre at Cristy's house, Cristy was completely pissed at me for showing up at all. She pretty much told me that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with me, or at least until the baby comes around, which shell be expecting child support for. I don't know why shes freaking out so much lately. But, oh well. That was pretty much the last straw. I mean I was going to try to get her back and all because I still loved her, and it'd be better for the baby, but...I'm just done with it now. I don't love her anymore. Oh, and supposedly shes dating Steve now? Oh well. hope you have fun with him ;) So I was honestly in a really great mood after that was done with..I needed to do something reckless, and hunt some action. I went to the bar hoping for a good fight and some pretty girls but things were going really slow. So I wondered to the back streets of Tulsa, and sure enough, right there was exactly what I needed. A drag race. And what do you know, one of the drivers got drunk off his ass and couldn't race for the night. My luck (: I walked up to the guys that were standing around the driver and the car. They were arguing about who would drive, because they had all made bets, and if they forfeited they'd have to pay twice as much as they bet. It took quite a bit of negotiating, but I told them that I could win the race easily, and they would get the profits. I was just in a need for speed. which, by the way, I took some speed before I raced. It put me in a great mood. I was so ready to race. We lined up at the starting line and some hot girl came out and held up some sort of material, I could really tell what it was. I was too hyped up from the speed. We we're all parked in neutral, and started revving our engines. She waved the "flag" down and we barreled forward into the dark night. We raced around the back roads of Tulsa for a while, every now and then into a back alley, but making sure we didn't go too far into town so the cops couldn't catch us. I think at one point I heard some sirens off in the distance, but we were going way too fast. There was no way they could catch us. After a while of ramming into each others cars, speeding up, slowing down, speeding up again, and passing each other, we finally made it to the end. I just barely passed the guy right beside me and made it to the end, winning the race. The guys acted like they were in shock at first that I actually won the race, but then they took off with their drunk ass friend and car, probably worried that id take back my offer on not wanting any money out of it. Eventually I heard police sirens and soon enough a red-blue blur came glaring through the alley-way that we were all kind of, together at. I started running away quickly, and I really mean quickly because the speed was boosting me so much.  I eventually slowed down, my mind was spinning, and just kept walking with my head down. I had no clue where I was going, and I had no clue where I wanted to go. I just kept going. I eventually reached the south side of town, the soc territory. I saw a couple of girls that took one look at me and ran. I had no clue what I looked like but I'm guessing I was pretty tweaked out from the drugs. I kept walking and eventually saw three soc guys talking to each other. I thought about attacking them at first, but I decided to see what they were talking about. I hid behind a bush and peeked through. there was one big soc, a little soc, and...and who I swore was Bob Sheldon. The two other socs muttered something about coming across a guy and a pregnant girl greaser after some wedding the other night. Those were the guys that scared Cristy and Steve! I thought. Some other words were exchanged between them, then Bob walked away. Right when I ran out from the bushes to jump the two other socs, a girl walked by them on the sidewalk and was crying pretty badly. They started walking up towards her and one tried touching her and when she tried swatting his hand away he grabbed her arm. I sprinted over to them and punched the bigger one, that had grabbed her arm. He turned back around towards me and tried punching me at the same time but i hit his nose with the bottom of my palm, breaking it. He jumped back and grabbed his nose that was gushing blood. I ran towards him and kept punching his gut. I finally finished with one huge swing and knocked him out. the littlest soc was just standing there. I took a step forward and he back away, then started running. I walked back to the girl who wasn't really crying, but more trembling with tears on her face. I finally got a good look at her, and realized it was Evie. I asked her what she was doing out here, on the south side. she said that she couldn't tell me, and that id just have to ask Brooke. But she seemed pretty upset. I shrugged off my jacket, then took off my shirt and cleaned the blood off my hands. I then handed her my jacket and she put it on. We walked home in silence then, she was still pretty upset. And I wasn't going to push her to talk to me. When we  reached where she was staying I told her sorry for whatever it was, and she said it was okay and thanks for me saving her. I said I'd be there for her anytime even when she just needs someone to talk to and she muttered a thanks, then we just kind of stood there staring at each other. She then looked down and told me I'd probably want my jacket back. And I said no, keep it. Then walked away. I ended up staying at a friends apartment that night because I was kicked out by Cristy. What a crazy night. The end (:


  1. Luke, your amazing (: if you didn't show up if probly be dead! D: and btw, if you ever get cold and want your jacket back, you know where to find it :P :)

  2. um i dont know what to say..........except good job superman? that was cheesy.............oh well im tired AND its like 5 in the morning.

  3. just wanted to let u know, i read it =D

  4. Wow thanks Jamie? Hahaa. And okay Soda xD