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The names Luke. I'm 19, work as a manger in a warehouse, I like partyin, fighting, drinking, playing bass guitar, and just having fun. My friends and family are very important to me, so mess with them, and your dead. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I'm owning up to every one of them. One at a time.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I don't really know how it happened. I just started and couldn't stop. I was definitely looking for trouble, trouble with the socs. I walked past huge house after huge house. One getting bigger after another. This was definitely their territory. I wandered around for at least 15 minutes, looking for whatever socs I could find. I finally came across 5 socs, huddled in the street, drinking. The adrenaline immediately started pulsing through my veins when I saw the car they had; a Benz. Some of them we're most likely the same guys that Brooke, Jamie and Cristy fought at the store. My breathing started becoming more rapid as I walked towards them.
"Well, what do we have here." One said, then they all looked at me. I just kept walking towards them.
"Hey man, your gonna want to stop and answer him, or there will be consequences." I kept walking until I was face to face with him. They all surrounded me, ready to fight. My fists we're clenched as I grabbed onto his sweater. One of them stepped forward behind me, I spat out a "Make me" then head butted the guy that I was holding, which broke his nose that started bleeding and he staggered until he fell. I swung around and right-hooked the guy that was behind me. I punched him again from beneath his jaw, kneed his gut, and then pushed him to the ground and kicked his face in. He was passed out. 1 down, 4 to go. This was going to be a tough night. One of them came up behind me and tried putting me in a head lock. I struggled with him for a little bit, as another came and punched me in the gut. I flipped him over on his back and he fell on top of the one that punched me. I went over and punched him and knocked him out cold. 2 down, 3 to go. The other one that he fell on top of tackled me into the ground, my head hit the cement and I was stunned for a moment, another came and helped pin me down, then they started punching me and one kicked my ribs a couple times, I swear I heard a cracking sound from my ribs and pain shot through my torso. I grabbed his leg and twisted it until he fell to the ground then I punched the one on top of me until he fell back. I tried getting up, but staggered and grasped my rib cage. I only saw two guys before me; one lying on the ground with his hand on his face, and the other rubbing his leg. Where had the third one gone? I started walking forward, holding onto the Benz for support. My hands we're bloody and bruised and swollen. I walked past the one holding his face and he tried getting up, but I kicked him back down and continued looking. I finally spotted him, sitting on a curb next to some bushes. He wasn't a "guy" at all. He was a kid, like 13, just maybe 14. He was trying to hide his face from me, but I could tell he was sobbing.
"Please....please don't hurt me! I Just came out with my brother, we we're having a good time. First night we've spent together since our mom died. Please just leave me alone!" he yelled out to me; his voice shaky from crying.
"Which one is your brother!?" I said...suddenly feeling a tiny bit of guilt. He pointed to the one holding his nose, the only one that was still conscious. "You listen to me kid. Take your brother home, clean him up. Spend some time with him or whatever. But don't you ever, EVER pick on greaser kids, or soc kids, or any kids. Don't end up like your brother. Don't end up like these drunk, knocked out fools. It will get you no where in life." I said, practically shouting my words at him. He nodded his head then scrambled to his feet and ran to his brother to help him up.
"You made a big mistake coming here you greasy piece of shit! We'll find you, and we'll kill you when we do!" the older brother said. I just ignored him and looked before me; three unconscious, bruised and bloody socs lay on the ground. I heard dogs barking and some porch light turned on. This was my cue to, well, get the hell out of there.
My forehead was sweaty, my breath was heavy. My hands we're shaking and my heart was racing. I stumbled down the sidewalk and made my way in between two brick buildings.  I fell down on the cold ground, next to a dumpster. I raised my trembling hand and felt my ribs; one-no, two, we're definitely broken. My head was pounding, my vision was going blurry, and my world felt like it was spinning. Yet I was lying perfectly still on the ground. It was well passed 12 at night and I guess I'd just wait til later in the morning for someone to find me. "Happy Birthday to me" I said, then passed out cold.


  1. OH MY GOD LUKiE! I hope you're okay :( I'm here if you need me, :) I'll even, maybe, share my snuggie, goldfish, wine, and slippers with you :p Get better :/ love, snuggs <33

  2. you posted 5 days ago and only have 1 comment? this disappoints me =(